Nine-linked flexible cord-Soft rope puzzle

Nine-linked flexible cord-Soft rope puzzle

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Educational toys-Soft rope puzzle

It's so hard for a circle to get rid of the lasso bigger than it. What should I do? Break it with a hammer? NO ! It's really time to test your IQ. Untie this, and other hard intellectual toys are floating clouds. Untie it, put it back, it's hard again!

Real exciting, challenging, appetizing, puzzle!

Product Details 

  • Metal brain teaser condenses with traditional Chinese culture and they are quite interesting.
  • Good for creative thinking and improve both your IQ & EQ.
  • After getting each puzzles solved by yourself, then you will get achievement, but we still attach a diagram to satisfied with some people.
  • Ideal gift for children.

Tips: If you want more fun & Challenge,please DO NOT refer to the solution 
"Challenge Guide".The really most interesting thing is exploring it,but not the result.

Material:  Stainless Steel.

Style: Traditional Puzzle 

Product Size: 22*4*1CM.

Packaging Size: 24*8*4CM.

Function: Intellectual development.

Packaging: PVC Box.

Recommended age: 8 & UP

Challenge: Free the circle from the puzzle and then put it back to the original position.